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I live in an ancient rambling stone house "La Jovienne" in the heart of Job, a sunny village that nestles in the Monts Du Forez, part of the beautiful Natural Regional Parc Livradois-Forez. I have always had a passion for France, for textiles, art, history, architecture and gastronomy. (and cats) Now I can combine them all as I search for antique textiles for you, my lovely customers. La Jovienne is a Chambres D'hôtes and I also enjoy cooking gourmet meals for my guests using excellent fresh ingredients sourced locally and served in a wonderful setting. And so I find myself the chatelaine of a big house, caring for armoires full of linens, hence my name.


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chatsdejob How you can help

Please take a look at my blog (link below) about the beautiful grey cats in the village where I live, who have had a terrible time and now need your help so that they can lead happy lives in the future.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

W is for.................................

Winter 2015-2016

Memorable for all the wrong reasons! So W is for waiting and worrying as several of the people I love most have been through some incredibly tough times. It has been paralysing at times, but as always, life goes on, not the same as before but in one case greatly improved. I feel as if I have been holding my breath for months.

To be honest it is only now that I feel like celebrating the arrival of 2016 so a rather belated Happy new Year to you all.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

"Every spring is the only spring.....................

................a perpetual astonishment." --Ellis Peters

It was lucky that I started my Spring clean early. my hours of painting, polishing and planting have been rewarded by more bookings than ever, starting much earlier in the season.

The garden came to life as if by magic.

The wisteria and clematis were spectacular.

I love seeing the house filled with happy people and I love cooking for them. I cook everything from scratch, my menus inspired by fresh local seasonal produce.

Today's find was wild garlic. The garlic flavour is delicate enough for it to be used in salads and it makes a subtle garlicky pesto.

No wonder my blog is feeling a bit neglected.

In my spare time I am creating a new stockroom/office that will give me more and better organised space to work from. The 'move' has revealed a wealth of textiles and other treasures I had completely forgotten about. I shall be listing them for you as soon as I can.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Easter Rabbits

For fertility!

I found these yesterday, stitched in petit point in a charming naive landscape. Listed on Ebay this evening.
I'm off to a Renaissance town called Pézenas for Easter, not far from the Mediterranean, it is renowned for antiques so I'm hoping it will prove to be a fertile hunting ground for treasured linens and objets d'art to list for you soon.

I've been busy testing recipes for my guests this season. My neighbours are very willing guinea pigs and this one was declared a firm favourite.
It is an iced parfait made with wild myrtles from the mountain on a base of dates and nibbed almonds.

Finally, I have been amazed at the response to my cat charity, the kindness has made me feel quite emotional and I don't know how to thank you. I will say that it has already made a huge difference. Our first cat has been sterilised, Michael, one of the angels, turned out to be Michelle, clearly determining the sex of cats isn't my strong point. A campaign to capture and sterilise more is planned for later in the month. We have a huge task before us and it will be expensive so I am still fundraising and seeking donations. Every little helps. You can donate via the CHATSDEJOB blog and read the story of these precious felines.

Joyeuse Paques à tous X

Thursday, 26 March 2015

The challenge is to take...difficult and painful times and turn them into something beneficial, something that makes you grow.

I feel like a broody hen at the moment,

I'm hatching on so many projects. I'm hoping most of them will have hatched by Easter.

One project, that I have been working on for months has finally been achieved. The protection, sterilisation and release of the feral cats in Job, the mountain village where I live.

This is just completion of the first stage, just the beginning. now I need to raise funds urgently to at least sterilise the females before the Spring kitten season.

These cats have certainly known difficult and painful times and now they deserve a peaceful and happy future. You can help them by making a contribution, however small using the Paypal button on my new blog, just click on the link below.


I cried when I wrote their story, it brought back such sad memories, but I am determined to create a happy future for them because they deserve it.

You can make a huge difference to these tiny lives. Please help me to help them.

With thanks to Michelle Akers for the title quote.

Monday, 9 March 2015

The Linen House

Another lovely customer/guest/friend has had her beautiful home featured in a magazine. the Ulster Tatler with photographs by Simon Mills. Fiona is passionate about linens and lace, selling them on Etsy as Mcburney and Black, her blog is here

So it seems highly appropriate that her house was originally part of a linen mill.
I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.
A wonderful new lease of life for this historic building and the perfect home for this passionate antique linen lover.
Chatelainechic has played a small part, supplying the homespun and handloomed linen that was used to cover this chair.
I wonder what her next project will be?

Meanwhile, Spring has arrived here as quickly as if a switch had been flicked, from snowflakes to sunshine in less than a day. I've been out all weekend buying stock that will be listed later this week.

A bientôt cherries (as one of my friends insists on saying).

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Dreaming of Summer getaways

I do love it when customers tell me about how they have used my linens. Some of them have intriguing new lives, like this sheet that is being used in a wonderful holiday home, the Shepherd's Return.

It was featured in this month's Country Homes and Interiors that has just arrived in the post, thanks to my little sister.

Lizzie has been a customer for ages and I know how incredibly hard she has worked so that you can have a relaxing holiday in beautiful and original surroundings. With, of course, luxurious pure linen hand embroidered sheets supplied by chatelainechic.

 If you would like to know more you can find her on Facebook or her website is


Sweet dreams.